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Integrating Test Automation with Core Banking Application for a Leading Saudi Arabian Bank

qa services

Integrating Test Automation with Core Banking Application for a Leading Saudi Arabian Bank

Yethi Integrates Test Automation tool with Core Banking Application for a Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia

The Client

A renowned commercial bank in Saudi Arabia offering commercial and investment banking services was conducting testing of new accounting opening rules required for legal compliance. Yethi helped the bank in testing its Account Opening Rule 5 (AOR5) for Finacle using Tenjin Automation tool to ensure that changes meet the compliance requirements and operational needs.

The Challange

Non-availability of a reusable mechanism to automate AOR5 changes in Arabic and English versions.

Approach & scope of work

  • Execution of more than 1300 test cases for English and Arabic version of Finacle AOR5 and CRM platform
  • Preparation and verification of test environment and configuration, deployment of Tenjin, Yethi’s test automation solutions.
  • Tenjin adaptor configuration with English and Arabic for AOR5 in Finacle / CRM menu
  • Learning and execution of more than 120 menus in English & Arabic versions, respectively.
  • End user training of Tenjin and handover to Bank
The Solution

Following are the list of activities conducted during execution of test automation for Finacle AOR5 and CRM platforms.

  1. Establish an offshore service delivery model to conduct testing activities
  2. Tenjin learning and test execution for more than 120 menus for English and Arabic versions **
  3. Preparation of test strategy, test scenario and test cases that helped Bank reduce the testing time by 40%
  4. Design of approx. 120 test scenarios & 750+ test cases for AOR5 thereby creating a large test case repository of reusable assets
  5. Tenjin deployment and configuration

 ** 1. Auto-Learning on Tenjin: BOT based Auto-Discovery of the UI to create a UI Map that enables auto-execution (No Programming or Coding Efforts required by Bank)

2. Auto-Execution on Tenjin: Auto-execution of Learned Menus enables quicker TATs

Key Benefits

Following are the key benefits achieved :

  1. Reduction in test execution time – Reduced the test execution time by one-third of in comparison with manual test execution.
  2. Fully Automated test execution – All test cases were built sequentially to run without manual intervention even during off-business hours
  3. Highlight platform dependency issues– Automation testing was performed in English and Arabic language platforms and any differences between the two platforms were reported
  4. High Reusability – Packaged the test cases and created a regression pack that can automatically run post software change, upgrade of functionality etc. to assess the health of the system in Account opening area.

Overall,  there was a significant reduction in TAT and thereby facilitated quicker testing of Account Opening Rules. Our automation testing practices helped the bank minimize their manual effort thereby enabling their workforce to focus on other tasks. tasks This was highly beneficial to the bank and they expanded the scope of testing to the entire Finacle Banking applications.

The Conclusion

Yethi successfully completed AOR testing using Tenjin within budget and schedule. Achieved improved TAT and reduced manual testing efforts by 30% and also supported bi-lingual testing in Arabic & English.  Moreover, the reusable repository of regression scenarios created proves to be a great asset to the Bank. 

About Yethi

Yethi is a leader in Quality Assurance solutions for the global banking and financial services industry. Founded
by Fintech professionals with decades of domain experience, Yethi is invested in building the next generation of solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within enterprises. One such solution is a robotic functional test automation platform, Tenjin, that follows a unique approach focussed on ease of use and maintenance.

About Tenjin

Tenjin is Yethi’s scriptless test automation platform, a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless the complexity and number of updates, the test execution remains high-speed, minimizing manual effort

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