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Manual test effort reduced by 50% with Tenjin

Turnaround Time cut by 80% with Tenjin

Yethi Executes End-to-End Testing & Automation for a Renowned Middle-east Bank

The Client

A renowned private sector bank in the Middle-east region offering banking services in retail, corporate, and institution was undertaking a major overhaul of its corporate banking. Yethi partnered with the bank to assist them in raising mandates with our end-to-end testing and automation

The Challenge

The bank was upgrading its Core Banking Systems across multiple diverse platform and selected Oracle’s Banking Solution and Mindgate’s Collection Platform to meet the needs of its next-generation customers. They were facing challenges maintaining the uniformity of 5 different payment systems, various applications, and microservice modules in 5 different countries. Yethi ank with well-strategic end-to-end testing and automation services. Yethi automated test execution using Tenjin, the 5th generation codeless automation testing tool configured and used across all testing streams.
The scope of work included,

  • End-to-end testing (Functional, Non-functional, Tenjin) across various applications Oracle FLEXCUBE Banking System v14, other apps, and Microservice modules
  • End-to-end testing for major overhaul of its corporate banking offering and Oracle Banking Digital Experience modules
  • Test automation of 60% manual test cases
  • Providing high-level test coverage with thorough test planning and test designing methodology

The Solution

Following are the list of activities that Yethi had undertaken while end-to-end testing for the bank’s upgradation project, 

  • Testing Service for Core banking Implementation – FLEXCUBE and other in scope system like OBDX, OBP, OBLM, OBVAM, OBTF, OBTFPM, and Microservices Module 
  • Offering compatibility testing (Browsers/Platforms/Operating Systems) 
  • Tenjin deployment & configuration across all testing streams of project and running them successfully across various corporate and payment modules and CBS platform 
  • Creating and running regression test pack across all modules daily in test environments as health check 
  • Handing over Regression Pack to the bank’s testing team along with training the team on Tenjin test execution 
  • Ensuring that the regression test pack can independently and simultaneously run anytime without regular installing and monitoring 
  • Executing regression test pack using Tenjin along with defect tracking and test management

Key Project Benefits

Yethi established a service model for the bank and assisted them towards their upgradation journey
by offering end-to-end functional testing, non-funtional, and automation. We automated the testing
process wherever necessary using Tenjin automation tool. Following are the key project benefits,
which the bank and we achieved, 

  • Test coverage for over 200 products across various modules
  • Easy monitoring of 5 different unified payment systems across 5 countries
  • Manual effort reduced by 50% from first phase resulting in compounded reduction of TAT
  • Testing time reduced by 70% with created Regression, Smoke test, and Sanity test pack
  • 80% faster resolution of defects raised by testing team
  • Reusability of 10k+test cases with similar test scenarios from a large test case repository handed over to the bank
  • Leveraging the test strategy for quicker deployment of changes with optimized efforts and reduction in overall QA expense and TAT


Yethi carried out end-to-end functional and non-functional testing, and automation testing of
multiple corporate business modules. It allowed the bank to test the functional acceptance, user
acceptance, system integration, and performance of the platform across all the business modules
and application interfaces.
We unified 5 different payment systems of 5 different countries for ease of monitoring.
The automation testing was supported with our test automation solution, Tenjin, to ensure that the
transactions across the modules and system workflows are of acceptable standard and provide high

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About Tenjin

Tenjin is Yethi’s codeless test automation platform, a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless the complexity and number of updates, the test execution remains high-speed, minimizing manual effort. 

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