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Delivering Managed Test Automation for a Leading European Bank

qa services

Delivering Managed Test Automation for a Leading European Bank

Yethi Delivers Managed Test Automation for a Leading European Bank

The Client

A leading Europe-based bank providing complete range of financial services through a network of branches, an International Corporate Centre, Business Centers, Investment Centers, and a Wealth Management arm.

The Challenge

The Bank had initiated an ambitious metamorphosis strategy towards creating a robust technology backbone for enhanced customer experience. A host of applications were implemented as part of this technology transformation.

Yethi was tasked to automate functional test process for their Core Banking Solution by FLEXCUBE including creating a regression pack for continuous testing, within an acceptable timeframe.

The scope of work included,

  • Installing and configuring Yethi’s test automation solution, Tenjin, to work with their FLEXCUBE application.
  • Migrating the existing set of test cases to Tenjin’s executable test cases
  • Creating a robust automated regression pack covering all the business functions for the in-scope modules
  • Providing comprehensive Tenjin training for subsequent regression cycles
  • Facilitating test support for new modules and regression testing to be delivered from offshore location

The Solution

Yethi adopted a consultative approach to testing, working with the bank and the Project Management Consultant for the bank. An effective testing procedure was designed comprising of:

  • Automation feasibility analysis at the start of the project
  • Automation test environment set up
  • Tenjin adaptor development and configuration for in-scope applications
  • Acceptance test case preparation
  • Regression test execution arising due to patch set, enhancements, functional requirements, adhoc issues, etc., were automated through Tenjin
  • Porting the existing test packs to Tenjin
  • Creating regression packs and executing the regression pack covering end to end scenarios on regular intervals and maintaining the regression pack

Testing support included:

  • Test Design based on detailed functional requirement specifications
  • Test data preparation
  • Execution of the test cases
  • Defect logging
  • Test case automation support
  • Training and support for automated test cases
  • Production issues support

A dedicated team of functional and automation professionals was deployed offshore at Yethi’s premises to work with the bank, with minimal onsite support.

Key Benefits

Automated regression testing helped the bank by reducing the time taken for testing significantly and ensured that the bank has the ability to run the regression test at periodic intervals as well as during new product patch set releases. Some of the key benefits realized include:

  • The program was primarily run from Yethi’s offshore location in Bengaluru, providing evidential cost savings to the bank
  • Extensive coverage of functionality automation as a part of regression packs
  • Faster testing of patch sets to enable quick production deployment
  • Investment in automation for regression ensured significant reduction of routine testing expenditure as efforts needed for execution are far lesser
  • Expansion of test cases to the regression pack as and when new functionalities, patch sets get added.
  • Error detection by automated test program is far higher than manual testing
  • A resilient test automation solution that could work with multiple applications that handle un-predicted AUT behaviour such as to Pop-Up Messages, Response Times and errors.
  • Regression pack used for on-going certification of the application’s stability upon environmental changes or changes in the application in a lights-off hands-off mode. This enabled IT Teams to verify impact of any changes (infrastructure, environment, interfaces or customizations) on the existing functionality with minimum or no involvement of operations.
  • Detailed audit trail for all the tests executed, results, identified errors, etc., provided to evidence any test audit requirements

The Conclusion

Yethi effectively delivered test automation and regression testing from offshore location resulting in better quality of testing for the bank along with significant cost savings. The successful project led to the bank enhancing the scope of testing services to be delivered by Yethi in the tried and tested offshore delivery model.

About Yethi

Founded by Fintech professionals with decades of domain experience, Yethi is invested in building the next generation of solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within the BFSI industry.

About Tenjin

Tenjin is Yethi’s scriptless test automation platform, a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless the complexity and number of updates, the test execution remains high-speed, minimizing manual effort.

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