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Automating the Digital Workflow of Payment and Trade Finance for a Renowned Indian Bank

qa services

Automating the Digital Workflow of Payment and Trade Finance for a Renowned Indian Bank

Yethi Automates the Digital Platform for a renowned Indian Corporate Bank using Tenjin

The Client

A prominent Indian Bank offering Commercial & Corporate banking services was  implementing its digital platform with payment systems and trade finance service modules. Yethi helped the bank in testing the digital platform for payment and trade finance using its Tenjin Automation tool to ensure that the changes are meeting the requirements and operational needs of digital banking.

The Challange

The bank was integrating the banking services in payment and trade finance with the digital platform during lockdown. The bank selected Yethi to test the integration and automate the process using the Tenjin suite of test automation, our 5th generation codeless test automation platform.

Approach & scope of work

  • Automated test execution of 2 modules for the banks’s digital platform
  • Configuring and deploying Tenjin, Yethi’s test automation solutions to automate the payment and trade finance on the digital platform
  • Preparing the test cases and verifying test environment for cash and trade finance
  • Configuring Tenjin adaptor with payment and trade finance modules
  • Training on the Tenjin application and handover
  • Learning and execution of more than process workflows for payments and trade finance modules
  • Automating test cases for 2 modules on digital platform
  • Creating test templates and regression test packs for 2 modules
The Solution

Following is the list of activities that Yethi provided while executing test automation for the 2 modules of the bank’s digital platform.

  • Creating regression pack of 1000+ TCs, 20+ Workflows, 130+ data templates, and 8000+ validation points
  • Building readily available test data for execution of all workflows
  • Validating and automating the response points from various interface like TradePro and Finacle
  • Tenjin deployment and configuration with the menus in scope for their digital platform
  • Defining the list of workflows for automation based on their priority
  • Ensuring that the end-to-end workflow can be automated
  • Executing regression test pack using Tenjin, along with defect tracking and test management
  • Handed over test scenarios to the bank’s testing team, along with training the team on Tenjin test execution

Key Benefits

Yethi established a service model for the bank to test the digital platform for payments and trade finance using the Tenjin automation tool. Following are the key benefits which we achieved:

  • Defects raised by testing team helped the bank resolve the errors on time
  • Handed over a large test case repository of reusable assets
  • Yethi’s test strategy expertise, leveraged by bank, led to quicker deployment of changes, culminating into optimized efforts and reduction in overall QA expense
  • Compound reduction in TATs and test efforts of the modules and workflows in scope

The Conclusion

Yethi carried out automation testing of the digital platform for the payment and trade finance modules. It allowed the bank to test the workflow of both modules on the digital platform.

 The automation testing was supported with our test automation solution, Tenjin, to ensure that the transactions across the modules and workflows are of acceptable standard and provide high ROI.

About Yethi

Yethi is a leader in Quality Assurance solutions for the global banking and financial services industry. Founded
by Fintech professionals with decades of domain experience, Yethi is invested in building the next generation of solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within enterprises. One such solution is a robotic functional test automation platform, Tenjin, that follows a unique approach focussed on ease of use and maintenance.

About Tenjin

Tenjin is Yethi’s scriptless test automation platform, a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless the complexity and number of updates, the test execution remains high-speed, minimizing manual effort

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