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Automated Testing of Finacle CBS European Bank using Tenjin

qa services

Automated Testing of Finacle CBS using European Bank

Yethi Automates China Operations of A Leading
European Bank Using Tenjin

The Client

A leading Europe-based universal bank with divisions supporting French Networks, Global Transaction Banking, International Retail Banking, Financial Services, Corporate and Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management and Securities Services.

The Challenge

The bank experienced regular updates in their Core Banking Solution (CBS) by Finacle and wanted to ensure prompt testing whenever a new update is released, by automating the regression suite of their CBS, so that the changes do not affect the broader functionality of the application.

The Solution

Yethi’s test automation platform, Tenjin, and regression test packs were implemented for functional testing, automation of the Core Banking System and providing test automation services.

  • Application in scope: Finacle 10.2.18. (China Instance)
  • Modules in scope for automation by Tenjin: CRM, Assets, Liabilities, Payment, Trade Finance, General, DFIN, WMS, SOS, SVS

Yethi delivered the requirements in the given timeframe in two phases with the following steps.

  • Installed Tenjin for Finacle 10.2.x in the bank environment
  • Validated automation templates for the modules and menus in scope
  • Implemented Tenjin regression pack for all modules in scope
  • Submitted execution/run reports of the migrated test cases with the bank’s stakeholders
  • Provided Tenjin user manual and end-user training

Key Results

  • The shared test suite was analyzed in detail and functionality gaps along with the impact were highlighted and addressed at various stages of the project
  • Five application defects were identified through Tenjin execution
  • The Tenjin test suite was created in a way that it could be re-executed multiple times with only static data changes and could be used for regression testing on regular intervals
  • Complex mid-office and back-office functionalities which included multiple level authorization and custom menu navigations were automated in Trade Finance module.
  • In Swift MT 100, 200 & 700 series messages were validated with respective tags
  • Life cycle of loans initiated with creation of limits, collateral, new account, disbursement as well as linking of collateral to loan account. Loan Management such as different type of repayment, NPA, rollover, written off & closer were automated using Tenjin.
  • Functionalities like deposit creation, account funding, interests, renewals, pre-closer and closer at maturity were automated till maturity
  • In Liabilities module, creation of CASA account, different types of transaction, Lien marking, account freezing, interests, account status change & account closer were automated
  • Tenjin configuration, training and hand over were completed on-site. Documents relevant to installation including Tenjin manual were prepared and provided
  • 205 test cases were automated across Liabilities, Asset, Trade Finance, Payments modules during Phase – I.
  • 99 Test cases were automated across Trade Finance, Payments & WMS modules during Phase – II.

Key Benefits

  • By using Tenjin, the same number of test cases could now be executed 3 times faster in comparison to the previous manual approach
  • Multiple cycles of regression could now be executed in a much shorter duration
  • Overall, the bank realized savings in terms of time, resources, and cost

The Conclusion

Yethi effectively delivered test automation and regression testing within the stipulated timeframe, resulting in faster and better quality of testing for the bank along with significant cost savings.

About Yethi

Founded by Fintech professionals with decades of domain experience, Yethi is invested in building the next generation of solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within the BFSI industry.

About Tenjin

Tenjin is Yethi’s scriptless test automation platform, a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless the complexity and number of updates, the test execution remains high-speed, minimizing manual effort.

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