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Automating API testing using Tenjin

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Turnaround Time cut by 80% with Tenjin

Yethi Automates API Testing for a Renowned Private Indian Bank

The Client

A renowned Indian private sector bank offering banking services and other financial services to retail and corporate clients was ensuring the availability of multiple services through APIs. Yethi partnered with the bank to evaluate the call and response time of more than 1K APIs within a restricted timeline and assist them in automating the API testing services.

The Challenge

The bank was faced with challenges to validate patches & upgrades of base API and check the instability of high risk APIs to serve its retail and commercial client needs. The bank was looking for codeless automation testing tool which could help the business teams easily build, manage, execute and scale the API testing framework. The client approached Yethi to harness Tenjin’s capability in solving the problem statement. The notable utility of the automated tool was to automate the end-to-end testing of 1000+ APIs within a strict project deadline. Yethi assisted the bank with well-strategic end-to-end API testing and automation services.

The scope of work included, 

  • Validation of 1000+ API’s and 20MQs periodically
  • Validating the mix of Encrypted & Unencrypted API’s
  • Checking multiple encryption levels & data formats
  • Checking the API Tunneling instability / availability
  • Adhering Multiple Security Protocols
  • Managing the project by adhering to COVID Restrictions 

The Solution

Following are the list of activities that Yethi had undertaken validating patches & upgrading base API and checking the instability of high risk APIs,

  • Deploying Tenjin Enterprise for GUI and API Testing
  • Executing Parallel test across multiple endpoints
  • Scheduling execution and reporting
  • Remote triggering of execution
  • Hands-off Lights-Off testing and reporting
API testing comparison

Key Project Benefits

Yethi established a service model for the bank and assisted them towards validating patches &
upgrading base API and ensuring the stability of high risk APIs. We automated the testing process
wherever necessary using Tenjin automation tool. Following are the key project benefits, which the
bank and we achieved,

  • Secure – OAUTH2 – access via Tenjin Enterprise 
  • Auto-discovery of API structure changes 
  • >95% reduction in time-to-test viz-a-viz manual 
  • Daily monitoring of API performance & availability 
  • Improved test-coverage 
  • Over 1000 tests executed in <180 mins daily


Yethi evaluated 1000+ API calls and responses within restricted project timeline. It helped the bank to validate critical API functionalities and monitor API performance and availability. The automation testing was supported with our test automation solution, Tenjin, to ensure auto-discovery of API changes and monitor the API performance & availability, while ensuring the quality and stability of the APIs.

About Yethi

Founded by Fintech professionals with decades of domain experience, Yethi is invested in building the next generation of solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within the BFSI industry. 

About Tenjin

Tenjin is Yethi’s codeless test automation platform, a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless the complexity and number of updates, the test execution remains high-speed, minimizing manual effort. To know more about how we can help you mitigate business risks associated with technology enabled operations, reach out to us at