In a year filled with challenges, we’re thrilled to have accomplished so much, from a stronger workforce to new clients, as highlighted in the snapshot below.

  • 10 new clients: In addition to our existing clients, we started working on new exciting projects with 10 financial institutions across the globe. 
  • 123 new members: Not a made up number! We welcomed exactly 123 new team members this year, most of whom were on-boarded and introduced virtually using MS Teams and other remote working tools.
  • 300 strong: Our workforce strength grew to about 300. For the first time, we worked completely remotely and from home. Although this was new and sudden, we were not only able to work in harmony, we explored new avenues.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and contribution to Yethi’s growth. We are incredibly grateful to each client who placed their trust in us in such a trying year.

If you’re a financial institution planning to focus on technological innovation this year, whether it’s a Core Banking System upgrade or carrying out a new digital transformation exercise, drop us a message to know how we can ensure a smooth & secure transition with our Quality Assurance offerings.

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