An Intelligent
Testing Engine

Scriptless, Auto-adaptive and Agile Test Automation Solution for the Banking and Finance Industry

Harness the Power of Tenjin's  Robotic UI  Discovery Engine

Take your enterprise software testing to the next level with Tenjin’s superior automated test suite powered by an intuitive and path-breaking algorithm that automatically “learns” the software’s UI and “re-learns” any changes without manual assistance. Adopt Tenjin today to benefit from immense savings in time, money, and resource strength.

Robust Multi-Mode Tenjin Architechture

Test Manager

Web based

Mobile app


Tenjin Application Testing


CRM Solutions
Digital Banking

CRM Solutions

Digital Banking

Core OLTP Solutions
Core OLTP Solutions

Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

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Tenjin specific application BOT allow us to quickly deploy test automation solutions that are robust and can adapt to the changes in the underlying application without the need for scripting or recording.

Comprehensive Functionality-rich Feature Set

NaviFlow Learner

Robotic unit that automatically discovers and application interface

Test Manager

Manages Test Assets Like Text Set, Text Cases & Test Set

GUI Execution

Undertake test-execution using the application UI

API Execution

Undertake test-execution using the application API

Test Reporting

Consolidated reporting of test inputs, outputs and proof of test

Results Validator

Validate if test-execution resulted in appropriate action

Task Scheduler

Schedule execution of tests at a specified time or after event

Data Extractor

Build test data by retrieving from the UI of the application

Data Publisher

Publish test results to detect management system of choice 

Audit Trail

Complete tracking of test-users and actions performed by them 

Technology Agnostic

Ability to traverse across systems and platforms like Mobile, Web, Thick Client, Green Screen 

Mobile App Testing

Test your Mobile App Across iOS and Android using Simulators and Physical Devices

Tailored Solutions for Test Automation Across Your IT Landscape



Tenjin Enterprise facilitates test automation of complex core enterprise banking applications such as CBS, loan systems, etc.; with effortless robotic UI discovery of data flows and heavy screens.



Tenjin Digital enables seamless test automation of enterprise mobility applications and covers native as well as hybrid applications across multiple platforms; facilitating reusability and resilience of test assets in an ever-changing mobility landscape.



Tenjin Connect automates testing at the API level, enabling granular and faster test cycles in a multi-system environment; thereby facilitating early test adoption in today’s agile world.

Benifit from Tenjin's Advanced Test Automation Suite

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Tenjin helps banking and finance enterprises ease deployment cycles, reduce maintenance time and costs, and achieve faster time-to-market