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Robotic Test Automation of Digital Banking Applications with 360° Multi-Platform Coverage

Keeping Pace with Digital Consumers using Enterprise Mobility Testing Solutions

The swift change towards digital banking in consumer trends has made banks across the globe promptly invest in mobile apps for customers and internal processes. The diversity of mobile platforms, in particular, represents a significant challenge in terms of ensuring a reliable and consistent experience. Testing across multiple devices and networks is essential.

Cross-Platform & High Coverage

Test automation with Tenjin Digital makes it fairly simple to test across a large of set of devices, OS and browsers, providing exhaustive test-coverage throughout all aspects of digital transformation and application testing like Functional, UI/UX, Performance, Compatibility, Security, Geo-based and network testing.

Reusable, Resilient, and Time-intensive Testing of Digital Assets

Tenjin Digital ensures timely testing of digital and mobile assets – platform notwithstanding –in order to provide seamless solutions to users. It incorporates real-time testing of both native and hybrid mobile applications across multiple platforms, thereby eliminating delays and redundancies.

Along-with our domain-specific test library of over 400K cases, the time-to-start is reduced by 15-20%.

Fast Deployments with Ensured Quality & Reliability Across Digital Landscape

Gain a Head Start with Tenjin Digital

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