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Enabling faster and holistic QA of your API stack

Agile, Granular, Multi-System Test Capabilities

Multiple applications interacting via APIs have become the norm in a modern bank. With the adoption of API / Open Banking, the divide between internal and client facing systems is also getting blurry. Testing these platforms requires rapidly switching between API’s and the GUI. Comprehensive regression testing in integrated environments ensures you are able to balance agility with prudence.    

Speedy Application Tests for Reduced Time-to-Market

One of the primary business requirements in the banking and finance industry is the ability to take products and solutions to market faster. This calls for robust testing functionalities that can validate applications in real time and enable faster product roll-outs to end customers. Tenjin Connect is the one-stop solution to ensure speedy app deployments with greater economies of scale.

Automated API-level Testing with Early Test Adoption

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