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Experience New Digital Success with Temenos Core Solutions

Driven by the exponential success of the agile framework, we offer comprehensive/end-to-end testing for Temenos T24 on the transformational journey, system and process upgrades, and Business as Usual (BAU) with continuous implementation and testing. Our unbeatable Quality Assurance services are customized to ensure your digital growth.

Strengthening the Scope of Digital Platforms with our
Tailored Temenos Testing Services

Yethi’s dedicated team is focused on offering comprehensive/end-to-end testing services for Temenos, including,

  • Functional Acceptance testing,
  • System Integration testing
  • Automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing (Vulnerability and Penetration testing)
  • API Testing
  • Testing for Digital Implementations
  • Reporting

We have configured and deployed test automation solutions with all major Temenos Corporate and Retail Modules. We have built a comprehensive automated regression test pack and executed them as per business requirements.

At Yethi, we have moved far beyond and tested all recent Temenos versions like R18, R19 and R20 in the transformation, upgrade and Business as Usual journeys for Banks.

Stimulating Digital Growth with Customized Services

Diverse Temenos Projects

As an experienced QA partner for banks and
financial institutions, we have supported many
banks and financial institution in their
transformational, System Upgrades and running
Business as Usual projects across all Temenos
business modules.

Experience with Temenos Versions

We have experience of executing system integration test, user acceptance test, automation test, performance test, security test (Vulnerability and Penetration Testing) across all latest Temenos versions like R18, R19, and R20.

Experience with Temenos Business Module

We have the credentials of testing platforms across all Temenos Business modules like,

  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Wealth management
  • Private
  • Fund administration
  • Universal banks
  • Challengers banks
  • Credit unions
  • Islamic banks
  • Central banks
  • Financial inclusion
  • Business banks

Restructuring Digital Foundation for Enterprise Application

 We are focused on building and rebuilding digital solution to ensure user satisfaction.

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