India’s fastest-growing Pure Play Software Testing Company Celebrates its 10th Birthday

Press Release - India’s fastest-growing Pure Play Software Testing Company Celebrates its 10th Birthday.

(BANGALORE, INDIA; 3 May 2023):

Yethi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. completes ten years in the service of banks and financial institutions providing world class software testing and test-automation solutions.

The company has been a trusted partner for 115+ banks and financial institutions across 30+ countries and currently employs close to a thousand people. With offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur and Dubai – the company growth in what is a very closed circle, should be inspiring to entrepreneurs.

Yethi’s commitment to providing cutting-edge software testing solutions to the BFSI sector has enabled it to rapidly build a niche for its services. With marquee clients like SBI, HDFC and RBL domestically and Mashreq, Barclays and SocGen internationally, Yethi has a breadth of experiences under its belt. By continuously investing in build its people and enhance its intellectual property, the company remains relevant and competitive in this industry.

“The pivot point of our achievement is understanding the critical requirements of business transformation. Our decade-long journey has been significant, as we were privileged to have worked with noteworthy clients, supporting them in some of the most critical transformational and upgrade projects. It has been quite a journey through a great learning curve, and today we are proud to celebrate this significant milestone. We also take this opportunity to thank our clients for their continuous trust and support.” says CEO Srirang Srikantha.

It is the end of one decade and the beginning of many more, and Yethi has already planned new investments to support its growth for the next decade. In the upcoming years, we will see Yethi leverage new technologies to enhance its service delivery capabilities.