Non-Functional Testing

Quality Assurance services providing you comprehensive insight into the reliability of your applications by constant evaluation, benchmarking and monitoring of system performance

Testing the System Agility

The main aspect of a software application is its unhindered performance. At Yethi, we perform non-functional testing to ensure usability, scalability, reliability, security and more of your application. Our unfathomable technical expertise coupled with the right tools measures the quality and fluidity of your platform.

Service Offerings



Our customer centric solutions designed by leveraging diversified technological experience assures high-performance levels of the business vitals with high responsiveness, availability, and scalability‚Äč


Vulnerability Assesment and Penetreation Testing

We conduct assessments for thorough evaluations to discover the business vulnerabilities of organizations, uncover the critical risks by anticipating the threat vectors and recommend mitigations to address risks and flaws


Data Migration Audit

Leverage our technical and functional migration audit services to ensure data sanity and correctness by validating details at field levels of the application as well as audit the lifecycle of the migrated process

Our Differentiators

Delivery Excellence

Disrupting the quality assurance landscape with the blend of technical advisory and domain expertise