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Comprehensive Quality Assurance solutions to help you innovate better and faster

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Comprehensive Quality Assurance solutions to help you innovate better and faster

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Digital Transformation is the Key to Growth

The competitive landscape as well as the user expectations are evolving. Digital transformation via disruptive technologies, though challenging, is vital.

Accelerate your Technological Innovation

Leveraging technological innovation while minimizing costs, risks requires expertise and industry experience. As a team of BFSI specialists, having worked with several organizations over the past 9 years, we have proven capabilities in providing fast and efficient quality assurance across all key business areas.

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Functional Testing

Faster test cycles with process driven, seamless functional testing of business processes along with the benefit of our test engine, Tenjin, for simple and efficient automation

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Acceptance Testing

We perform end-to-end testing of all key business processes from user onboarding to final transaction, covering all validations in the application using our large repository of domain specific test cases.

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Integration Testing

Having expertise in multi-application testing across multi-system environment, we can easily validate the integration touchpoints. Moreover, with our API based testing, the Quality Assurance can be carried out even before the entire ecosystem is built.

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Regression Testing

We help overcome the challenges of instability and errors occurring due to constant updates by vendors by providing faster regression cycles, which is critical considering the frequency of patches.

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Non - Functional Testing

Validation of the scalability, and robustness of the systems via efficient testing by our strategic Quality Assurance team

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Performance Testing

Using standard tools and robust scripts, we ensure that the systems and infrastructures remain performant with increasing volume by validating the performance parameters across the key areas.

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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

We ensure the business security by carrying a deep vulnerability assessment and submitting a detailed report on vulnerabilities, risks, likely damage and mitigation recommendations.

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Data Migration Audit

We help carry out a Technical and Functional Migration Audit to ensure data integrity and no loss of data, and validate that all the specified functional and non-functional aspects of the application are met post-migration.

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Consultation from the industry experts to boost competitive advantage, improve ROI and upturn operational proficiency

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Testing centre of Excellence

Focussing on agility, optimization and performance, we build the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) to deliver improvements that result in clearly defined and realistic initiatives for our clients while propagating a culture of innovation & continuous improvement by managing, staffing and providing a comprehensive suite of quality testing services.

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Process Reengineering

We identify the high-value business transformational opportunities in optimization of the processes, enabling the organization to achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Distinguished Benefits

Expertise & Experience
We're a team of 950+ business analysts, bankers, developers and testing professionals with BFSI background that together bring over 200 years of experience.
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Large Test Case Repository
Having worked on several Commercial Off-The-Shelf projects, we've been able to build a library of 1 million domain-specific test cases
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Technical Advantage
We provide a scriptless test automation platform, Tenjin, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to “learn” the application & “re-learn” after any updates along with having proficiency in other tools.
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Diverse Portfolio
We offer a large range of subject area expertise to cover the Line of Business, with a strong clientele base spread across different geographical areas around the globe
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Onshore & Offshore models
We're committed to delivering the best results to our clients and offer the options for both onshore and offshore models, to allow preferences.
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