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Payment Consultancy Services

Clear mapping, assessing business scenarios, and defining business metrics

Tenjin connect

Tenjin Connect

Enabling faster and holistic QA of your API stack

Expert Guidance on Payment Operations and Risk Management

Prudent and strategic payment and risk management by the leading industry experts. 

Yethi’s group of payment experts help banks and financial institutions to assess the operation readiness of enterprise payment applications along with functional areas, business rules, security control, current architecture and more. 

Payment Consultancy Service Highlights

  • Building a Business Case for the payment’s modernization
  • Payments ‘As Is’ ‘To Be’ Study with clear mapping to changed process model
    • Assessment of the current business, functional, business rules, architecture, security controls, operational functions
    • Target state architecture definition
    • Define Business Metrics for Future platform
    • Payment’s consolidation with an integrated Payment Hub covering Real time payments, High value payments, Mass payments
  • Operating model changes in key areas of payment operations and risk management.
    • Operational readiness assessment
    • Documentation of controls and procedures to support the payments systems
    • Change receipt management of the Payments programme
  • Payments Programme Management Services
  • Payments Testing Strategy
  • Payments Benefits Realization assessment

Payments Functional Assessment

Payments Technical Assessment

Yethi’s principles for Cloud agnostic applications are as follows:

Payments Consulting Approach

Payments Consulting Phase Outcome

A detailed study and outcome report based on 

  • Executive Summary
  • Program Planning 
  • Conceptual Architecture for Payments Transformation
  • Payment Infrastructure Document 
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