Testing of Complex Banking Applications Made Simple with Yethi's Solutions

Keep Business Risks at bay
End-to-end validation of multisystem & multi-Integrated environments

Enable your testing portfolio with our cutting-edge testing solutions that will avert business risk and testing processes that ensure highest test coverage.

Get Risk-Free Transformation with Zero Compromise In Quality

Plug and Play Automation Solution

Seamless automation-integration made possible through readily available Tenjin bots for off-the-shelf banking applications

Lesser automation gestation period results in reduced testing cycle & faster time-to-market.

Multiple Banking Avenues: Secure Functional and Non-Functional Testing

Our business-process oriented testing frameworks tests the validity of all the processes and rules, imperative for business operations. Our solutions make transformation process simple with amplified efficiency and reliability.

Leave the Simplifying Process to the Experts

BFSI Focused QA
Domain Expertise
We’re a team of industry experts with vast experience in managing banking QA projects and deep domain knowledge
Process Based Testing
We understand the banking business and offer solutions that cater to this complex system
Large Repository
There is a library of 400,000 domain-specific test case repository for exhaustive validation of the system
Pre-Configured Tenjin BOTs
Tenjin significantly reduces the gestation time of test automation, helping build multi-system capabilities quickly

Yethi - Pioneers in Testing of BFSI Applications

Test Automation specifically in the BFSI market was valued at $167.1 million in 2018. It is expected to grow at 31.3%, between 2019 and 2025. Get an unfair advantage and jump on the bandwagon with our team leading the way.