The modern regulatory and competitive environment has forced banks and financial institutions to deploy CRM system. CRM systems take over many key initiatives spread across sales, compliance, and service. Consisting of multiple custom designed workflows, these are data intensive and time-consuming to build and use.

These systems have to be constantly tweaked to align with the new regulatory requirements and to improve customer service. Adoption of an automated testing solution becomes all the more necessary to reduce the risk of any unintended negative impact and to improve turn-around-times.

The Role of a CRM Solution in the BFSI Industry

CRM solution in the BFSI sector is typically used for customer onboarding, customer data maintenance and customer service requests management that provides a 360-degree view about the customer. At its core, a CRM solution helps banks leverage customer data for marketing and sales activities. Right from running a campaign and generating leads to assigning and converting leads, a CRM solution can transform the customer experience. However, customer onboarding and customer data management can be complicated. Know Your Customer (KYC) norms involve intricate protocols to be followed and compliance requirements change frequently. Plus, the challenge of interfacing the CRM system with other systems can be a daunting task. What the BSFI sector needs to tackle these changes is an efficient and dynamic CRM solution.

Importance of CRM Testing

CRM systems are becoming an integral part of a bank’s processes. Being interfaced with multiple data sources, client service solutions and reporting databases, they gather and process large volumes of data. As modern IT systems are in a constant state of flux, CRM systems often get impacted. As the CRM systems are being changed and modified often, constant testing of CRM systems becomes imperative.

The CRM testing activity can be done manually or through an automated solution. The challenge is that when the CRM is upgraded or transitioned from legacy systems, testing the CRM software manually becomes time-consuming and error-prone. The error rate also multiplies in no time and affects the various functions of the business. Automating the CRM testing process is the befitting solution.

Benefits of an Automated CRM Testing Solution

With the CRM testing automation solution, banks can tackle complex banking workflows. They also can:

  • Make better use of the large volumes of data
  • Ensure an agile process
  • Use the solution on multiple interfaces
  • Validate larger portions of the customer lifecycle
  • Follow a data-driven testing method

What makes banks to adopt an automated CRM testing strategy is the fact that the customer’s demands and expectations change rapidly. Banks can’t afford any delays and redundancies while working with their customer relationship lifecycle. The banking sector is beginning to see the advantages of using an automated solution and is slowly moving in that direction. The need of the hour is a dynamic automated CRM testing solution, a solution that could be deployed for multiple processes.

How Banks Can Benefit from an Automated CRM Testing Process?

Of all the advantages that an automated CRM testing process brings in, the most important one is that it saves time. Let’s look at some more advantages:

  • Accurate: Automation brings in accuracy to the testing activity
  • Agile: As automation brings in accuracy and makes it error-free, the testing activity becomes agile
  • Reliable: Automated testing is much more reliable than manual testing and brings down the error rate
    • Reusable: CRM tests and components can be reused on different versions
    • Programmable: Automated CRM tests are programmable for different variables, operators, loops, etc.
  • Work 24/7: Unlike manual testing, automated CRM testing can be performed at any time and for longer spans
  • Better ROI: Automated testing has a big initial investment, but produces better ROI than manual testing

Considering all the advantages that automated CRM testing offers, it makes a strong case for itself in the banking industry. Banks can not only save money and time by investing in automated CRM testing software but also ensure better resource utilization.

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