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Optimizing Core Banking & Internet Banking Solutions

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Optimizing Core Banking & Internet Banking Solutions

Greek Bank Leverages Yethi’s Testing Services to Maximize Solution Performance Across Two of its European Subsidiaries

The Client

A leading bank in Greece offering a wide range of high-quality financial products and services in the domestic and international market.

The Challenge

With a growing customer base and implementation of new services via various disruptive digital banking channels, the client wanted to ensure that their Core Banking Solution (FLEXCUBE) and internet/mobile banking solution (OBDX) were robust and scalable enough to handle these augmentations.

The Solution

We carried out a comprehensive test to identify performance bottlenecks across Web, Application, Middleware, and Database Servers by verifying and validating the performance parameters of the following key applications/interfaces:

  • FCUBS Online Transactions
  • Payment Interface through MQ
  • ATM Interface
  • BO Queries + SMS Gateway Query

The Approach

Yethi performed two rounds of testing with Load Test (100%), Stress Test (125%), and Endurance Test (6+ Hours) comprising the following activities:

The following processes were evaluated.

Verification of performance engineering parameters including throughput, latency, load distribution, and memory usage

Identification of maximum business load and volume processing benchmarks as per the pre-defined scope of work

Establishing the break points of application in scope

Creation of scripts and execution of multiple rounds of load tests, designed to mirror the client’s live production environment, user loads, business patterns, and throughput, including projections for future scalability

Preparation of a detailed report summary outlining the potential risk areas and recommendations

The Benefit

The client was able to optimize their application based on our reports to maximize solution performance across two of its European subsidiaries.

Why did client select Yethi?

The client chose Yethi because of our experience in handling similar projects for other banks as well as our in-depth knowledge of the BFSI industry and the supporting technology systems.

About Yethi

Yethi is a leader in Quality Assurance solutions for the global banking and financial services industry. Founded by Fintech professionals with decades of domain experience, Yethi is invested in building the next generation of solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within enterprises. One such solution is a robotic functional test automation platform, Tenjin, that follows a unique approach focussed on ease of use and maintenance.

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