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Empowering Businesses with Oracle FLEXCUBE Systems Testing

Embark on your business transformational journey, system and process upgrades, and Business as Usual (BAU) with our unmatched testing support.  We are committed to providing end-to-end Quality Assurance services for your Oracle FLEXCUBE System architecture at all stages with continuous implementation and testing.

Meticulous Testing Support During Oracle
FLEXCUBE Transformational Journey and Upgrades

As a dedicated QA solution partner, Yethi have undertaken multi-dimensional testing projects and supported banks and FIs on their multi-country rollout process. Our service offerings for Oracle FLEXCUBE Systems are,

  • Functional Acceptance Testing
  • System Integration testing
  • Data Migration Audit
  • User Acceptance Testing & Role-based Access Control Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Automated Regression testing
  • BAU Functional Testing & Patch Set Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Reporting

From adding customization to Base change, we have accommodated our clients’ requests at every step during Oracle FLEXCUBE testing services.

From 10. x to 14. x version, we have tested all FLEXCUBE versions. In the latest data migration process journey from the banks’ legacy systems, we have tested Oracle FLEXCUBE version 14.5 during its implementations. We have exhaustively tested FLEXCUBE Core Banking, Channels, LOS & CRM platforms, including Oracle Banking APIs.

What we bring on the table for the Complex Enterprise Solutions

Oracle FLEXCUBE Projects

By selecting Oracle FLEXCUBE as your Core Banking solution, you are already halfway to achieving your business goals. Let our expert QA consultant guide you through your transformational journeys, system upgrades and Business as Usual projects.

Experience with FLEXCUBE Versions

From 10.x to 14.x version, we have tested all versions in Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS. Our recent experience is with 14.5v implementations, which is a transformation from the legacy systems. Extensively working with FLEXCUBE, we have experience validating Patch Set Releases.

Experience with FLEXCUBE Business Module

We have tested all retail and corporate modules in FLEXCUBE UBS. In recent 14.5v, we have tested both Core and mid-office modules. Some of the modules we have tested are mentioned in right side


  • OBPM – Oracle Banking Payment Management
  • OBTF – Oracle Banking Trade Finance
  • OBTFPM – Oracle Banking Trade Finance Process Management
  • OBCFPM – Oracle Banking Credit Facility Process Management
  • OBCLPM – Oracle Banking Corporate Lending Process Management
  • OBCL – Oracle Banking Corporate Lending
  • OBSCF – Oracle Banking Supply Chain Finance
  • OBELCM – Oracle Banking Enterprise Limits & Collateral Management
  • OBLM – Oracle Banking Liquidity Management
  • OBTR – Oracle Banking Treasury Management
  • OBVAM – Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management
  • OBMA – Oracle Banking Middleware Architecture

Measuring FLEXCUBE Systems Performance

Experience the power of strong technological backing, skill, and product knowledge with us from project inception until completion.

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