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Turnaround Time cut
by 80% with Tenjin

qa services

Turnaround Time cut by 80% with Tenjin

A leading multinational private Bank fast-tracks Finacle upgrade and cuts TAT by 80% with Tenjin

The Client

An international subsidiary of India’s leading multinational private bank, offering a wide range of financial solutions for personal, corporate, investment, commercial, treasury, and trade requirements.

The Challenge

The client was upgrading their core banking application, Finacle from version 7.x to 10.x, repeating the process across multiple geographies. The client’s existing manual testing process was expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring almost two months of testing time. Additionally, the client faced many infrastructural and operational challenges, including:

  • Increasing downtime of test environment
  • Environment downtime due to Batch Run (40% downtime across project timeline)
  • Over 4000 cases to be executed within a short window

The Solution

The client required a solution that reduced resource utilization to a minimum, and cut down turnaround time substantially. Yethi was approached to tackle the challenge. Our advanced testing automation solution, Tenjin was deployed. It offered the client complete automation of the application upgrade testing process,enabling bank’s team to independently run automated tests for subsuquent geographies.

The solution involved:

  • Realignment of manual test cases to automated test cases
  • Preparation of test data for execution
  • UAT execution

The Implementation

The implementation process involved:

  • Migration of Finacle 7.x manual test cases to Finacle 10.x Tenjin test cases
  • UI/UX test cases designed to run through Tenjin
  • Automated validation & verification of test results
  • Identification of additional defects over and above manual testing defects
  • Training of the bank’s International Operations Team

Tenjin cut down gestation efforts and time substantially through its Robotic UI Discovery engine (Naviflow Learner). The unique Application Adapter Framework and large repository of adapters enabled lightning-fast deployment.

The Benefit

Tenjin enabled the following operational transformation:

  • Reduced testing time by 80%
  • Reduced staffing requirements by 50%

The impact of the Tenjin Test Automation Solution viz-a-viz manual testing:

Why did client select Yethi?

Yethi was chosen due to:

  • Proven testing automation technology with strong track record of success
  • Rapidly deployment capabilities
  • Best practices that ensure zero disruption to the project

About Yethi

Yethi is a software solutions company focussed on helping its customers to gain business advantage by improving the speed and agility with which they can validate and adopt changes to their core technology platforms. Founded by seasoned senior fin-tech professionals, who bring decades of domain expertise, Yethi has developed a unique test automation tool “Tenjin” to meet the needs of teams using packaged software solutions.

To find out how Tenjin can help your business achieve faster results and better software responsiveness, reach out to us at